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Carrying Out A Property Valuation And Survey For YOUR Property.


Most, if not all lenders will need to know if the property that they will be providing you a
mortgage for is worth the actual amount that the vendor is selling the property for.

In order to determine whether the property is worth the asking price amongst other factors,
you will need to carry out a survey on the property.

There are two main types of surveys the
home buyers report and the building survey

The home buyers
 survey is usually recommended for properties which where built after the 1930s which do not appear to have structural problems. This kind of survey will cover things such as the windows, guttering, drainage, location and surroundings, walls floors, ceilings, chimneys, and various other areas of the building.

The results of the survey should be read carefully and if any problems have been spotted they should be taken into account when deciding whether to go ahead with the purchase.


Although carrying out a survey can be expensive it is advisable to always carry one out before buying a property. This ensures that you do not encounter any nasty surprises after you have bought the property.


Most importantly always use a reputable company who will also be able to offer you advise on what steps need to be taken if any defects are found during the course of surveying the property.


A building survey on the other hand will provide you with intimate details of the property such as the state of the building and also materials used to construct the property. The information which will be provided at the end of the survey should be thoroughly read and if not understood you need to ask questions. If any defects are found, you will need to understand what impact these defects will have on the property and also get an estimate of the cost of repairs to the defects.


The information provided in the reports can also be used as a negotiating tool and also to determine whether you will be paying over the odds for the property.


When buying a property ensure that you always carry out an independent survey. due to the cost involved it can be tempting to select a company based on price, but it is highly recommended that before you select a company make sure that they are reputable. Do your research on the company you decide to use to carry out a survey on the building. This will save you any problems after the property has been purchased.