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The Other Costs That Are Involved In Buying A Property In The UK


There are many additional costs which you should prepare for when you are buying a property.
These cost can be overlooked at times and I suggest that a lot of preparation should be made for these miscellaneous expenses. Some of the cost involve the following:

Removal cost. You would need to factor in the cost of removing your belongings into your new property. And also look for a reputable firm by doing some research. Or in order to save money you might also want to hire a vehicle and do it yourself.


Land registry fees. This is another cost which needs to be factored into your expenses of buying a new property. The land registry fee is merely a fee paid to the land registry in order to register the property transaction and the details of the new owner of the property.

Survey fees. This is a fee which is paid to a chartered surveyor who will carry out an inspection on the property to ensure that everything is in good standing. The fees vary. It is very important that you ensure that you deal with a reputable firm. The surveyor will inform the buyer of any defects that they should be aware of.

Legal fees. This fee involves a sum paid for preparation of the legal documents i.e contracts between the buyer and the seller. Take a lot of effort and compare fees. Most importantly, always use a reputable solicitor.


Mail redirection. The cost of redirecting your mail.


Building and content insurance. The cost of insuring your property.


All these are some of the cost that you will need to take into account when buying property. There might also be other costs involved when buying a property but this differs depending on individual circumstance. Factoring these cost in when buying property is very important