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Important Things YOU Need To Know When Viewing A Property For Sale.

 It is essential that when viewing a property which is on the market for sale that you must take a
look at it during various times of the day. The first time being during the daytime this will
ensure that you will see any hidden secrets and enable you to see the condition of the property that is up for sale. As stated in the previous chapter you should always go to view a property which is up for sale with your checklist.

If the property is also located on the main road it is important that you take a visit during the rush hour. This will give you an insight of the noise levels.


It makes good sense when also viewing a property which is on the market for sale to ensure that you visit during a time when all the neighbours are going to be in, this will provide you with an insight of the noise levels and parking conditions of the location in which you are considering buying your property.

Going prepared with a number of questions when viewing a property that is up for sale will ensure that you are in a good position to make the right choice.


Some of the questions you may need to ask include the following:

How long the property has been on the market for. If the property has been on the market for a while it might be that there may be a hidden problem which you may need to investigate further. If there are not any problems with the property then you might be in a better position to haggle for a quick sale with the owners.


Is the Home information pack available for inspection.


Has there been a survey on the building which has recently been conducted and what problems where found if any. If any major problems have been found during the survey you might want to walk away and look for another property or alternatively factor the cost of repair in your house buying budget


Reasons why the owner is selling the property. If the owner is selling due to separation or other reason and is looking for a quick sale, this may offer you an opportunity to haggle and get the price of the property reduced.


Does the owner have somewhere else to move to as soon as the property is sold. This will remove the possibilities of unnecessary delays and any future legal wrangling.