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How To Find A Good Estate Agent That Has Your Best Interest.


Finding a good estate agent who is going to look out for you can be a very difficult task at times as the choice is so vast it seems impossible to decide which estate agent to select. Reading the information which I provide in this section will ensure that you are equipped with the resources to help you choose one that will help you find your ideal property.

It is good practice when selecting an estate agent who will ensure that find the right property and offer you expert advise to go by personal recommendation. You might want to ask people that you know and who may have also purchased property about their experiences. Doing this will ensure that you know which estate agents to deal with and which ones to avoid.


Another way to find a reputable estate agent is to find one that is registered with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors or who is a member of the main professional body the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). This is a voluntary organisation which offers member a code of conduct which they are obliged to act under. It is also a good idea to look for an estate agent that belongs to the ombudsman of estate agents.

There are a lot of estate agents who state that they always look after your best interest but before dealing with any ensure that you check out their credentials and if you have any doubts contact them personally.


In order to ensure that you have a greater chance of finding your ideal property it will be in your best interest to register with as many estate agents as possible in the locality or surrounding area in which you are looking to buy your ideal home.


If the estate agent that you have chosen to help find your ideal home also has a website it will be a good idea to also register for any email updates. Registering for email updates will ensure that you are alerted whenever a property that meets your requirements becomes available. This will save you time of having to trawl through details of many unsuitable properties.


Choosing an estate agent based on opening hours is also considered as good practise in the sense that you might want to seek one that offers flexibility and can work around your busy schedule. If you find your ideal home and the estate agent of your choice does not open or close offices at a suitable time for you that will be not good.


Driving around the area which you are also looking to buy your home is also a good idea. When driving around make sure that you look out for " For Sale and Sold" boards this information can be used to find out which estate agents have prominence in your desired area. If you see an estate agent that seems to have prominence in a locality you might want to find out more about the company and contact them in order to help you with finding your ideal property.