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Dealing with mortgage arrears How Not To Get Your House Repossessed.

There may be times when some people who have taken out a mortgage may run into

financial difficulties which may be due to circumstances which are beyond their control. If this financial difficulty has a potential of affecting your mortgage payment, you should contact your mortgage provide immediately.

bury your head in the sand always, remember that failure to pay your mortgage could result in your property being repossessed.  Your mortgage provider should be in the position to offer you some form of advice and to ensure that your property will not be repossess. The
solution which your mortgage provider may be able to offer you will depend on the type of mortgage that you have or even individual circumstances.

There are also various steps which can be taken by anyone who has taken out a mortgage to ensure that they are able to keep up with the payments and not run into mortgage arrears. These include the following:

Budgeting: This will ensure that you monitor your incoming and outgoing and that you are able to keep an eye on your finances. This step can be easily overlooked but it is essential that you budget. Wise budgeting will ensure that you minimise the risk of running into mortgage arrears.


Saving: You might also want to put some money aside for a rainy day. Open a separate account and place any excess cash into that account. It is also highly recommended that you do not have a cash card for that account, as having a cash card will make the money easily accessible to you. Opening a separate account where your excess cash is deposited will enable you to have some money which can be used to pay the mortgage in the case of any unforeseen circumstances happening.


Seeing if you could change to a better deal:  You may also want to talk to your mortgage lender and see if you could switch to a better deal without incurring any unnecessary charges for switching.


If you do find yourself in mortgage arrears you may also want to seek free independent advise there is more detailed updated of other options you might want to look into in you ever find yourself in arrears with your mortgage. The information can be obtained by following the link HERE