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Getting YOUR Mortgage When Deciding To Buy A House Or Flat.

As there are so many mortgage companies to choose from with all the wide range of products also offered it can be a nightmare trying to get the best mortgage that will suit your needs.

Choosing the right mortgage requires a lot of work and it is also suggested that you get a
mortgage before viewing properties or even putting an offer in.

There are lenders who will be willing to lend you as much money as you want, but you should also look into your own circumstances and ask yourself whether you will feel comfortable paying the amount borrowed back within the lenders specified time.

It is also recommended that when you are looking for a mortgage that you contact as many mortgage lenders or specialist as possible in order to get the best deal. Do not assume because you have been a loyal customer with your bank or building society that they will offer you the best deal. Shop around in order to get the best mortgage deal.

There are many people who assume that the only mortgages that are available are over 25 years. This is not the case, you can get a mortgage that is variable to suit your circumstances i.e you can take out a mortgage for as few or as many years as you require. Although there may be some restrictions.


When looking for a mortgage doing your research in advance is also very important. Your research should include some of the following:


The amount you can actually afford to pay back on a monthly basis. This should take into account your current circumstances i.e you annual income and whether you expect your income to increase or decrease.


When looking for a mortgage it is also a good idea to take into account the effect that the various interest rates will have on your borrowing.


The current economic climate. Do you expect interest rates to go up or down in the next few years.


Checking the credentials of a mortgage company is something that should always be carried out in order to ensure that when you decide to take the plunge you will be getting mortgage advice from a specialist. The specialist must also be able to answer any concerns that you may have.


When dealing with a mortgage specialist ensure that you ask for clarification about things that you do not clearly understand and also take along a list of questions with you.


Do not be ashamed of writing the answers to your questions down on a note book. This will ensure that you can refer back to the answers that you where given when trying deciding which mortgage company you will take out a mortgage with.