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Things YOU Will Have To Do After The Property Exchange Is Completed.

 Things to do after the exchange

After you have decided that you want to go ahead and purchase your ideal property
there will still be a few more things that you will have to do. I have compiled
a list of some important things that you may want o make sure are carried out.

You may also want to include other things that you may need to do before moving into your new home.

 It is advisable that you never leave this till the last minute, as we all know that moving into a
new property can be stressful. A diary or a note book may be required for this task below. A list of people and organisations that will need to be contacted should be
 written down in advance. The note book or diary should also be kept somewhere that will be easy to find. I have compiled a list below and I am sure you may want to add to the list.


Telephone company. You will need to contact your telephone company and inform them that you are moving to a new property. If possible try and get the line in your new home connected as this will ensure that you can be contacted. You might also want to ensure that the line of the old property is also disconnected on the day that you will be moving.


Friends and families may also need to be told that you are moving into your new home. Write a list of people who you would like to inform that you will be moving into your new home and contact them and provide them with the new address.


Utility companies will also have to be informed and also provided with your new property details so that the final bills can be sent to your new home. Ensure that you also take readings of your utilities and write them down somewhere safe. This may come in handy and help avoid future disputes on utility readings.


Redirecting of your mail. This can be done at your local post office. You will need to provide some form of identification and also provide them with details of your new property.


Doctors and dentists


Council tax. Ensure that you contact your local council and inform them that you have bought a new property and provide them with the details.


Banks, credit card companies. Make sure that you have a list of banks and credit card companies that you have transactions with and contact them to inform them that you will be moving into your new property.


DVLA. Driving licences and car registration

TV licenses

Catalogue companies or any other companies that you may have current transactions with.